Middlesex Valley Vol. Ambulance Service

Service the greater Middlesex Valley Since 1969

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide pre-hospital emergency medical care and emergency transportation to local hospitals for persons who are seriously injured or become seriously ill anywhere within our service area. To provide standby medical services at fires during local fire department responses. To provide standby medical services to community / civic events as requested by their organizers. To provide mutual aid to neighboring ambulance organizations.

About Us

Middlesex Valley Volunteer Ambulance Service, Inc. is a not-for-profit ALS (Advanced Life Support) emergency medical transport agency that operates from it's headquarters in Middlesex, New York. Our level of care ranges from Emergency Medical Technician-Basic (EMT-B) to Paramedic (EMT-P). We are an 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that has contracts with the Town of Middlesex, Village of Rushville, Town of Gorham, Town of Potter and Town of Italy. These towns all have an established special ambulance tax districts for the areas of the towns' that we cover. We also provide mutual aid to several neighboring agencies per standing county mutual aid agreements.
We are managed by a President & Vice President who oversee business matters and a Director of Operations that oversees field operations and equipment and an Operations Supervisor that supervises career staff and assists with day to day operations. These four managers report to a Board of Directors.

May 2023 - Wanted: Fingerlakes Region cleared ALS providers (EMT-CC or EMT-P).

Pay Rates:

Earn Paid Time Off

Pay Increases with Years of Service

Double Time on Holidays

Low Volume Agency Staffing at a Station, No ambulance posting.

We're Hiring Career Staff - Click Below for an Application.

Print / Complete and return by Post Mail or to hr@middlesexems.org

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Insurance Billing


If you are interesting in donating monetarily in support of our operations and mission:

We sometimes get calls inquiring if a fundraiser mailing or phone call solicitation is legitimate. We never solicit funds by telephone or in person. Middlesex Ambulance does solicit monetary donations in four ways.    

1 - On this website via the link above.

2 - By mail, during our annual fund drive letter in late summer of each year.

3 - Via contributions given in memory of deceased family and friends.

Middlesex Valley Volunteer Ambulance Service, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. Cash donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your generous financial contribution. 

2023 Officers

President / Director of Operations: Jonathan GraingerOperations Supervisor: Jason JohnsonVice President: Francis "Reid" RonaldsTreasurer: David HarringtonSecretary: Sam Hunter                   

Board of Directors

Chairperson: Oliver "Bill" WilliamsDirector: Shirley LaflerDirector: Everett FurgesonDirector: James LoomisDirector: Jerry Duel                


April 1968

The Middlesex Valley Volunteer Ambulance Service was incorporated and a citizen committee met to approve the articles of incorporation and discuss ways to raise $7,000 for an ambulance plus $1,000 additional for equipment. 


Middlesex's first ambulance, a 1965 Cadillac, was purchased for $7,200. The first ambulance was stored at the Middlesex Hose Company next to Middlesex's fire trucks. 

June 1968

Wilbur Wignall from Dundee taught the first First Aid class to 21 volunteers and, on June 15th, Middlesex ambulance began 24 hour service to the Middlesex and Rushville fire districts. Mr. Wignall would continue to teach classes for at least the next 10 years. 


Middlesex's first ambulance, a 1965 Cadillac, was purchased for $7,200. The first ambulance was stored at the Middlesex Hose Company next to Middlesex's fire trucks. 

March - June 1971

1.5 acres of land was donated by Clifford DeWick for the construction of a permanent ambulance base. 
A 34' x 60' building for two ambulances, a meeting room, a supply room and a restroom was constructed by Green and Paddock. The cost was $6,600 and did not include plumbing or electric. 

January 1973

A 1971 Cadillac ambulance was purchased for $11,475 plus the 1965 Cadillac as a trade in 

February 1976

Penn Yan Ambulance donates a 1969 Pontiac ambulance to Middlesex. This is the first time Middlesex has two ambulances in service. 


A 1979 Ford Van Ambulance was purchased for $23,000. This replaced the 1969 Pontiac. 


A 1984 Ford Wheel Coach Modular Ambulance was purchased for $38,448. This replaced the 1971 Cadillac. 

December 1985

The New York State health commissioner makes a recommendation in hearings to the NYS legislature that all rescue squads have persons certified to at least the Emergency Medical Technician level. The proposed legislation would require that all ambulance personnel, that treat patents, be certified at the Emergency Medical Technician level by 1989.

August 1995

A new two bay ambulance garage is built; it has larger doors to accommodate newer style modular  ambulances. The building is dedicated to George Mitchell. 


A 2004 Ford F450 Medtec ambulance was purchased. 

Join Us

We are always looking for new volunteers to join, participate and enhance our organization. The organization that runs the Middlesex Ambulance doesn't accomplish things on its own. The organization depends on the talent and life experience of all of our members.
Won't you join us?For an Application and More Information Call:Jason Johnson, Operations Supervisor - (585) 554-6657