Middlesex Valley Volunteer

Ambulance Service~

Middlesex, New York




Middlesex Valley Volunteer Ambulance Service, Inc.
817 Route 245
Middlesex, NY 14507
Web: www.middlesexems.org
Phone: 585-554-6657
Fax: 585-554-1073
Emergencies: 911



President: Jason Johnson - jjohnson@middlesexems.org
Director of Operations: Sarah Huey - shuey@middlesexems.org
Vice President: Anthony Olsen - aolsen@middlesexems.org
Secretary: Bonnie Mahaney - bmahaney@middlesexems.org
Treasurer: David Harrington - dharrington@middlesexems.org



Board of Directors

Chairman: Oliver "Bill" Williams
Director: Robert Rugaber
Director: Everett Furgeson
Director: James Loomis
Director: Roger Bootes


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