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Ambulance Service~

Middlesex, New York




Middlesex Valley Volunteer Ambulance Service, Inc.
817 Route 245
Middlesex, NY 14507
Web: www.middlesexems.org
Phone: 585-554-6657
Fax: 585-554-1073
Emergencies: 911




1966 - Edgar Lafler started soliciting support for a volunteer community ambulance service to serve the Middlesex area.

April 1968 - Middlesex Valley Volunteer Ambulance Service was incorporated and a citizen committee met to approve the articles of incorporation and discuss ways to raise $7,000 for an ambulance plus $1,000 additional for equipment.

1968 - Middlesex's first ambulance, a 1965 Cadillac, was purchased for $7,200. The first ambulance was stored at the Middlesex Hose Company next to Middlesex's fire trucks.

June 1968 - Wilbur Wignall from Dundee taught the first First Aid class to 21 volunteers and, on June 15th, Middlesex ambulance began 24 hour service to the Middlesex and Rushville fire districts. Mr. Wignall would continue to teach classes for at least the next 10 years.

1968 - The public could request ambulance service by dialing 315-584-3411, the original emergency number for the Middlesex Fire Department. This one phone number rang in several homes at once and continued to ring until someone answered. Mary Lafler was the main dispatcher.

1969 - The first Emergency Medical Technician class was taught to members of Middlesex Ambulance.

August 1970 - The first set of By-Laws are approved and adopted.

March 1971 - 1.5 acres of land was donated by Clifford DeWick for the construction of a permanent ambulance base.

June 1971 - a 34' x 60' building for two ambulances, a meeting room, a supply room and a restroom was constructed by Green and Paddock. The cost was $6,600 and did not include plumbing or electric.

June 1972 - A public open house was held at the new ambulance building.

January 1973 - A 1971 Cadillac ambulance was purchased for $11,475 plus the 1965 Cadillac as a trade in.

February 1973 - A 34 bed Civil Defense army hospital unit was brought to the ambulance building. It was stored at the Middlesex Fire department for use during a disaster.

February 1973 - It was decided that an ambulance would respond to all fire calls that the fire departments respond to.

1973 - 30 members took the Emergency Medical Technician Class.

February 1976 - Penn Yan Ambulance donates a 1969 Pontiac ambulance to Middlesex. This is the first time Middlesex has two ambulances in service.

Circa 1976 - Middlesex Ambulance gets its own emergency phone number for ambulance service, 315-584-6653. There are 16 phones in service in homes of volunteer ambulance personnel throughout the district.

July 1978 - A 10 year Anniversary Celebration was held at the Middlesex Fire Hall.

 1979 - A 1979 Ford Van Ambulance was purchased for $23,000. This replaced the 1969 Pontiac.

June 1984 - A 1984 Ford Wheel Coach Modular Ambulance was purchased for $38,448. This replaced the 1971 Cadillac.

December 1985 - The New York State health commissioner makes a recommendation in hearings to the NYS legislature that all rescue squads have persons certified to at least the Emergency Medical Technician level. The proposed legislation would require that all ambulance personnel, that treat patents, be certified at the Emergency Medical Technician level by 1989.

Circa 1991- A 1991? Ford F350 modular ambulance was purchased. This replaced the 1979 Ford Van Ambulance.

July 1993 - A 25 year Anniversary Open House is held at the Middlesex Ambulance base.

Circa 1994 - A 1994 Ford E350 Medtec Modular Ambulance was purchased.

August 1995 - A new two bay ambulance garage is built; it has larger doors to accommodate newer style modular ambulances. The building is dedicated to George Mitchell.

1999 - A 1999 Ford E350 Marque Ambulance was purchased.

2004 - A 2004 Ford F450 Medtec ambulance was purchased.

2009 - A 2009 Ford F450 Medtec Ambulance was purchased. This replaced the 1999 Ford E350 Marque.

2011 - The original 40 year old ambulance building is demolished and a new crew room, kitchen and office is built on its old footprint.

August 2014 - A 2015 Ford F450 Lifeline Paraliner 152 Ambulance was purchased. This replaced the 2004 Ford F450 Medtec.

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